Maira Oliveira

Mortgage and Protection Adviser | Finsbury Park,

Maira Oliveira

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Maira Oliveira

Maira Oliveira

Mortgage and Protection Adviser | Finsbury Park, London

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Originally from Brazil, Maira has lived in London for over 15 years. Having moved to the UK alone, she started from zero and over the years has made new lifelong friendships, met people from all over the world, has had the opportunity to travel and more recently, create a family of her own.

Where she was once a workaholic, becoming a mum in 2017 completely changed her priorities.

Looking for a career opportunity that would give her a more flexible work-life balance, in 2019 she quit her job in hospitality and started studying to become a mortgage broker. This has allowed her to
be a mum, wife and professional in the most meaningful ways to her.

As Maira loves learning, sharing her knowledge and helping people reach their goals, working as a mortgage broker means she can support people on their journey, be it financial or the dream of owning their own homes.

Her friends would describe Maira as a very caring and positive person who is supportive and encourages people to become the best versions of themselves.

“What I like the most about my job is how it allows me to watch the process of a dream coming true for people. Being beside my clients at such an important moment of their lives and walking through
the mortgage path together, to make sure it is seamless and successful really drives me.

Supporting my clients through the process and seeing smiles of happiness and achievement are priceless.”

Having a much better work/mum/wife, life-balance (it does get crazy sometimes and not balanced at all), Maira starts her day with self-care time where she meditates and exercises before the school run. Once she’s had her morning coffee, she’s ready to go. In her spare time, Maira often takes her kids to one fun activity or another, socialises with friends, enjoys a nice glass of vino, likes to be creative with her cooking and enjoys catching up on the latest series making a buzz.

As she values learning and self-growth, she makes time to read, take courses and attend events in the areas that interest her.

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