Mortgage Strategy Cover Feature: The Mortgage Mum two years on

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The Mortgage Mum faced the Covid lockdown just six months after launch. Co-founder Sarah Tucker tells Natalie Thomas how the pandemic worked in the new firm’s favour.

Article by Natalie Thomas

It has been just over two years since The Mortgage Mum co-founder Sarah Tucker launched the all-female brokerage, following her stint on ITV’s The Voice. Whether it be mortgages, mental health or the menopause, those familiar with Tucker know she is not one to shy away from the issues close to her heart.

The firm has already grown to a team of 35 and notched up five awards. Tucker herself has become a recognisable figure within the mortgage industry, often championing the cause of working mums as well as being a strong advocate for flexible working and mental wellbeing.

Central to the brand is the belief that, through flexible working, women can thrive and be successful mortgage brokers while also being present in their children’s lives — instead of feeling forced to make a choice between the two.

On the surface, the brokerage appears to have all the hallmarks of an overnight success story. It has experienced revenue growth of 1,200% in the past two years, with the firm being profitable in each of those years.

Yet the brand’s achievement was by no means a given when it launched into a heavily male-dominated industry back in September 2019. Added to the mix has been Covid-19, a challenging time for all, especially working mums.

How has the team navigated its way through the past two years? Mortgage Strategy spoke to Tucker.

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