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If anything was to happen to my children, I would do everything in my power to get my children the best medical treatment they could, anywhere in the world. Global treatment means that you and your eligible children can get advice and treatment from a medical professional outside of the UK. Watch a short video about Global Treatment (featuring a special guest) below or on my YouTube channel and read below for the full transcript…

Hello and welcome to The Mortgage Mum. And I have a special guest with me today. What’s your name? Joshua! Joshua is here to remind you about something. Joshua is here to remind you that you must, must, must review if you haven’t already your protection cover. Now, I don’t want you to switch off because lots of you, when you hear the word protection or insurance, then come time to sell you something. And we’re not we’re trying to advise you and give you advice around it. So the reason that I got protection and one of the main things I wanted when it came to my protection was something called global treatment. Can you say that? What does global treatment mean? What do you think it means? I think it means…You don’t know. Should I tell you because not a lot of people do know what it means Joshua.

It means that you and your eligible children can get advice and treatment from a medical professional outside of the UK. So if you need cancer treatment, coronary artery bypass surgery, live organ donor transplant, neurosurgery, heart valve replacement, or repair or bone marrow transplants. I can’t say medical terms very well it turns out, we can help. Your insurance provider can help you find specialist medical facilities outside of the UK. They review your case and provide you with care. And you can use this alongside the NHS treatment or any private health care that you’re receiving in the UK. What it basically means is that if something happens to you or your child, and you want them to get the best treatment they can, which for me is the number one reason I have it is if anything happens to these two, I would want to know I could do everything in my power to get them the best treatment they could, anywhere in the world. I’d fly them anywhere. This will do that for you. If you decide to have treatment abroad, they will arrange and pay for your flights, accommodation for you and a companion they’ll book all relevant medical appointments and treatments while you’re overseas and cover all treatment costs. And once that treatment finishes, they’ll arrange for your safe arrival back home to start your recovery. It is worth every penny and our specialist team know exactly where to get the best cover for you. They will tailor your quote with different providers for different reasons. Please, please, please take the time to speak to them. If you haven’t already, if you’re one of our mortgage clients, we will drum it into you until you’ve spoken to them. But if you’re not, you can still have a complimentary protection appointment with one of our specialist team. And the reason we do it in a separate team is so that they are specialists. Okay. And the reason we do that is there’s lots of mortgage protection brokers out there. It’s very hard to be an expert at both, and also there’s a psychology to it that we really noticed the clients changing the psychology and changing their energy when they spoke for mortgage to protection. So we know exactly what we’re doing and we do it in a way that is for your benefit. So trust us, you’ve given me four minutes of your time. So make sure you make time for that appointment and get in touch with me today and I’ll get it set up for you. Thank you. Bye bye. Get your protection!


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